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What’s Special About Our Mission?

We strive to nurture young children in a culturally rich environment opening the vistas of the world to them through the gateway of languages. Through collaborative discourse and the joy of play, together in a rich stimulating environment, our students will become knowledgeable, self-motivated and critically thinking world citizens. Their respect for children of diverse peoples will naturally evolve as they are immersed daily in authentic German, Spanish, and English language and cultural experiences.

Meaningful relationships with peers and staff will provide a safe foundation for each child to build self-confidence and independence. An emergent approach to learning incorporates all areas of the curriculum, which includes; group times for music and movement; literature arts; arithmetic and science; dramatic activities and storytelling; a wide range of experimentation with various art media and creative materials in the indoor and outdoor classroom environment.


How KI-GA-LA got its name...

The name KI-GA-LA comes out of the phrase, a KIds GArden of LAnguages, which is a portmanteau, meaning a combination of two (or more) words or morphemes, and their definitions, into one new word.

Children and Adults at Kigala Preschool will…

  • Honor “play” as the intrinsic avenue of understanding
  • Experience joy through discovery in the indoor and outdoor classroom
  • Be actively engaged in learning and exploration in both indoor/ outdoor classrooms
  • Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment, both indoors/outdoors
  • Feel proud and contented with themselves
  • Learn to be kind and make wise choices for themselves
  • Provide daily exposure to a varied and balanced “sensory diet” to learn on all levels
  • Immerse themselves in German, Spanish, and English language and culture
  • Create a school “family” by cultivating friendships in a climate of empathy
  • Adapt to changing circumstances and while considering the needs of others
  • Be exposed to a wide range of enrichment activities
  • Encourage an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding
  • Participate in cultural/ethnic community events
  • Embrace the opportunities to connect with nature in the outdoor classroom
  • Make new friends and grow!

 Our Philosophy

At Kigala Preschool your child will easily learn a second language by being introduced and exposed to the language and culture through a playful indoor and outdoor classroom experience, in addition to voluntary family/community event opportunities. Kigala Preschool believes in the tried and true method of “Learning a Living Language” through language immersion/acquisition.

Immersion simply means total exposure to the language, music and culture of the society for the time your child is with us.

Language acquisition is a milder version of the immersion program where the child will be introduced to the language in a playful way, to slowly grow his or her language skills.

Group activities are predominantly conducted in German or Spanish in the morning, and English in the afternoon. All teachers and assistant teachers understand and speak both German/Spanish and English fluently. The focus of the program is “learning through fun” to retain each child’s original joy of learning. There will be a great balance between structured projects and free play, learning opportunities about nature and your environment (recycling), language enrichment, sense training, handling of quantities, numbers, forms, rhythmic-musical education, movement. In return, children have the opportunity to become better listeners, more flexible in their thinking, and be more open to other languages and cultures. Our students will have many opportunities to learn in an outdoor environment and connect with nature.

 Our Approach

We believe that children come with their own learning styles and questions. Our approach, which is supported by the constructivist philosophy, is that curriculum should be negotiated between the children, the teacher and the group through shared experiences. We plan to offer a rich array of both structured and unstructured opportunities for children to learn about themselves, materials, how to get along in a group, how to communicate in a second language, and connect with nature. Therefore, we do not use pre-prepared curriculum plans, rather every week the teachers and the children meet to plan their experiences.

By introducing a language immersion/acquisition model at a young age , founded on the tenets of the emergent approach, Kigala Preschool will prepare young students for the challenging school years to come on an intellectual, social and personal level.

The language immersion/acquisition model is the driving vehicle at Kigala Preschool. Components of the Reggio approach and a variety of other philosophies are introduced in increments, in order to give staff and students the opportunity to slowly grow into the model. The Outdoor Classroom supports our philosophy and learning profile.

The community we share

One of our goals is to foster a strong community among our parents and families. We derive a deep sense of satisfaction from working on “real,” practical projects that enrich and strengthen our children’s preschool experience. Because of Kigala’s history, there’s a real culture of collaboration, and we expect parents to actively involve themselves by joining volunteer committees and participating in fundraising events. Collaborating with other parents and community members is also a great way to make friends!

Some of the activities and volunteer opportunities include:

• Parent Orientation Meetings & Workshops – A ‘Parents Only’ opportunity to learn and socialize with one another

• Family Picnics – Come meet each other or reconnect at this bring-your-own-lunch picnic.

• Around the World Holiday Celebrations – Come in and share your culture with our students and staff.

• Outdoor Classroom – Support our outdoor classroom development by maintaining the beauty of our “piazza” (playground center), fundraising and donations, participate in parent workshops around the outdoor classroom.

• Garden Projects – Help grow and maintain our garden. Connect with our garden center. Grant writing and fundraising to support the development of the garden.

• Field Trips – Explore a place with beautiful nature

• Community Outreach – Connect with our community members (fire station , police, garden center, etc.)

Read TESTIMONIAL letters from Kigala parents, and learn about their impressions of our school!

Please CONTACT US to find out more about Kigala Preschool Programs.