Consent Release Form

Consent to Release Contact Information


This is an online version of the hard copy consent form you signed and is on file with the Kigala Office.

As part of the Kigala community, parents frequently wish to communicate among themselves regarding non-school-sponsored activities.  Many parents arrange activities outside of the classroom for the development of friendships among children and families (play dates, parties, etc.).  Often, e-mail or texting is an easy, effective way for parents to communicate among themselves and to exchange information for these private, non-school-sponsored events.

In the past, Kigala has typically refrained from providing e-mail addresses and phone numbers out of respect for the privacy of its families.  While Kigala recognizes the continued importance of retaining the privacy of its families, Kigala also wishes to support the development of its community and relationships between students and families.  Accordingly, Kigala seeks your consent to release your e-mail address(es) and/or telephone number(s) to other parents for ease of communication among the community.  Each parent who wishes to release his/her name, email address and/or phone number must agree to the consent form.

As part of this consent, we ask that you agree to the following:

    • Use group e-mails/texts for the purpose of positively communicating and developing your Kigala network through student-related information, and not for purposes of solicitation, advertisements, or other non-student-related information;
    • Keep use of “group e-mails/texts” to a minimum for important events (birthday parties, holiday parties, etc.) and refrain from overuse, prolonged group discussions, etc.; and
    • E-mail addresses/phone numbers are to be kept exclusively for the purposes of e-mailing/texting other parents and are not for re-distribution to third parties, except with the express written consent of the party seeking to make the disclosure of her/his e-mail address.By registering, and CHECKING the BOX, Consent To Release Contact Information, you agree to the above terms, and would like the information you provided to be included in the Kigala Directory.

It is with your consent that we welcome you to the Kigala Preschool Online Community!

Please contact the Kigala Office with any questions.