Herzliche Glückwünsche! Felicidades! Congratulations to our Kigala Graduates!

Kigala Graduates, Class of 2019…You did it!

What a wonderful morning! Our Kigala graduates warmed everyone’s heart with their beautiful performance. They each earned a “Kigala Certificate of Completion,” and received the traditional German “Schultuete” (school cone) as a transitional gift to elementary school.

Graduating families celebrated the class of 2019 and enjoyed their special time together over refreshments and snacks.

Many thanks to our dedicated teachers and staff for guiding our students, and for their efforts to make this a memorable event.

Graduating families, please stay in touch, visit us at Open House or other events…maybe later become an alumni volunteer, supporter, friend.

We hope you enjoyed our time with us and wish you all the best for the upcoming journey into the academic world.

We will miss you!!!

Warm regards,

Elke Miller

Director, Kigala Preschool

And Everyone at Kigala!

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