Fun Under The Sun
All Summer Long

Learning New Languages Keeps Communication Skills Sharp

Fun Under The Sun
All Summer Long

Full Immersion Keeps
Language Skills Sharp

Summer Camp | 2 - 6 years | Serving Santa Monica, CA

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Camps Run Jun 10th - Aug 9th

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Exposure To Languages Enhances Daily Learning Experiences

Spanish and German language lessons keep your child’s brain connections energized and encourage them to express themselves in new ways. A second language improves memory, focus, and creativity, while developing your camper’s communication skills.

Exposure To Languages Enhances Daily Learning Experiences

Your Child To Discovers A World
Of Knowledge With Fun Themes

Your Child To Discovers
A World Of Knowledge
With Fun Themes

Your child’s budding curiosity is engaged with new hands-on, engaging activities each week. Exploring themes keeps learning fresh and neurons firing.

Themes for brain-boosting, hands-on exploration include:

A GLIMPSE into the 2024 Summer Program

Engage their budding curiosity with new hands-on, engaging activities each week.
Exploring themes keeps learning fresh and neurons firing.

Themes for brain-boosting, hands-on exploration include:

SESSION 1: June 10 - June 21

June 10 – 14:

Construction Week
Build, create, and discover! This week we will become young builders, exploring hands-on activities, and enjoying creative play through some fun building projects and teamwork activities.

June 17 – 21 (Closed Wed, June 19):

Camping Week
Let’s sing campfire songs and explore the great outdoors! From nature discoveries to camping stories, prepare for a wild adventure filled with exploration, learning, and friendship.

SESSION 2: June 24 - July 12

June 24 – 28:

Space Week
Let’s explore life in space. What do astronauts eat? How do they sleep? Join us while we make space slime, learn about gravity and build a spaceship.

July 1 – 5:
Holiday Week / School Closed

July 8 – 12:

Transportation Week
Is it a plane, is it a car, is it a bicycle? How do we get around in the world? Let’s build a city and find out ways to move around.

SESSION 3: July 15 - July 26

July 15 – 19:

Fairy Tale Week
Welcome to the beautiful world of stories. Let’s explore together as we enter a journey of whimsical fun, enchanted tales and royal adventures.

July 22 – 26:

Lego Week
Get ready to have a blocktastic time at Lego week. Stack up the fun and watch imaginations come to life as we create, learn, and play with Legos.

SESSION 4: July 29 - August 9

July 29 – August 2:

Moving and Grooving Week
Prepare to dance, hop, move and groove! From obstacle courses to a dance party, we will have a blast moving our bodies all week long.

August 5 – 9 (Closed Fri, Aug 9):

Art Week
Dive into a world of imagination and creativity of endless possibilities. From painting to sculpting, our artists will shine as they create masterpieces that will spark joy and inspire!

A Spotlight On STEM
Ignites Science Basics

A Spotlight On STEM Ignites Science Basics

Hands-on play and mind-bending activities put science, tech, engineering, and math in overdrive when your child gets messy mixing oil and water, or creating fizzy rainbows with baking soda and vinegar.
A Spotlight On STEM Ignites Science Basics1

An Outdoor Classroom For
More Creativity And Wonder

Your child loves sliding, crawling, and swinging on the nature-inspired structures that make our playground so unique. There is so much waiting to be discovered!

An Art Studio Where Your
Child's Ideas Come To Life

The Atelier, a dedicated art nook, is where your child delves into tons of various materials to inspire their creation. Paper mâché, collage, paint, watercolor, and more await, and anything is possible. All the while, your child exercises their fine motor skills, focus, and creativity.
Qualified, Caring Teachers Join In On The Learning Fun

Qualified, Caring Teachers
Join In On The Learning Fun

Certified teachers love being part of the team – some have been here since day 1! Summer is a great time for them to go off script and focus on silly fun while diving deep into your child’s interests to engage and delight them.

Health And Safety Is Paramount

Your camper’s spaces are sanitized and deep cleaned regularly by a team of professionals to safeguard their health. Limited access entryways and privacy fences, along with security cameras throughout our campus, ensure your child is safe and sound in our care.
Small Classrooms Deepen Social Connections

Small Classrooms Deepen
Social Connections

Friendships flourish in smaller groups where your child has more space and time to shine. Learning also gets a boost when teachers have more opportunity to give your child the caring attention they love.

what parents are saying...

"KIGALA makes her school life fun"

When I started to look for a pre-school for my then 2 year old daughter, I was looking for something similar that I experienced when I was her age: a warm, understanding, hugging environment. I found it! KIGALA makes her school life fun, exciting, loving, understanding, independent and colorful…with sometimes a lot of color on her clothes! At pick up time, my daughter is full of joy and happiness, her eyes are sparkly and she has a lot to tell me. All of it seems to be the most wonderful gift to a child.

~ Katharina

"We are absolutely smitten with Kigala!"

Our son thrives in an environment where his boyish and physical exuberance is appreciated and positively directed. He is allowed to run and jump and move, even taking supervised risks that would be impossible at many American preschools. Kigala also challenges all of his active mind. When asked about his school by friends, he often proudly exclaims that he is learning German AND Spanish. And he really IS learning German (as am I, now that we speak German together on a daily basis).

~ Kara

"There’s a big smile on her face when she gets to Kigala"

Our daughter enrolled at Kigala at age 2 years, 9 months and the experience has been wonderful for our family. The school has an excellent, well-organized activity plan, and the atmosphere is very cozy and inviting. I am a native German speaker, and I am impressed with Kigala’s German immersion program. It has been great for our daughter, as she has become very comfortable expressing herself in German. I have noticed a big difference in her willingness to speak the language.

~ Daniela & Mike

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