SCHOOL’S OUT! Graduation Celebration!

Class of 2013 Graduation Celebration!

Congratulations to all our Kigala Preschool Class of 2013 Graduates!

There were many proud, happy faces as our graduation celebration closed the 2013 Kigala school year.

The program featured our STAR graduates delivering a very entertaining and original performance, followed by the presentation of diplomas and “Schultüte” (traditional German graduation cones filled with gifts). In true Kigala style our families celebrated together, sharing a pot-luck lunch and gift exchange.

Thank you to all our Kigala teachers and community for their time and support, from rehearsals to preparations on the day. A special DANKE to Sophie of LoveBucketPhoto, for capturing and sharing her photos of this special day…and all our events. Thanks also to Mel and Renee for filming the event, with videos to come. We wish our graduating students and their families the best of luck at their chosen elementary schools and future endeavors!

We also bid “Auf Wiedersehen” to Teacher Biljana Milasin and wish her the best as she continues her life adventure.

Thank you everyone for a WONDERFUL year, and have a safe summer celebration!!


Visit our Graduation Page for PHOTOS, VIDEOS and MORE from our special day.


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